AbacusNext launches virtual interviews in flagship product HotDocs Advance

‘HotDocs by AbacusNext’, a leading legal and accounting software provider, today announced the release of ‘virtual interviews’ to its flagship product, HotDocs Advance. This latest version helps compliance-focused professionals continue to work at a time where face-to-face meetings are not possible.

As a large proportion of the population is currently adjusting to working from home, the launch of virtual interviews allows legal, insurance, financial and property firms to conduct client interviews remotely. Information gathered is automatically entered into HotDocs before generating documents.

Scott Johnson, chief executive officer at Hot Docs by AbacusNext said: “We want to make it as simple as possible for our customers to create accurate, compliant documents, especially at a time when conducting in-person business is not possible.

“This feature further advances the document creation process and makes it easier than ever for users to collaborate with their clients.”

HotDocs Advance 1.18 allows the user to simply select a document template, create a link to the document interview, and send the link to the client to complete virtually. The information gathered is submitted back to the firm so it can be used to generate documents. The final document is then produced, eliminating the need for firms to gather information from the client manually and enter that data back into HotDocs. Users will have the ability to monitor their client’s progress on the interview.

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