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@EdTwestival “We had a ball!”

13th February 2009

Weary eyes this morning at Hot Tin Roof after an epic night at the Edinburgh Twestival. We were delighted to be involved in such …

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Ambergreen examines McTwitterati

9th February 2009

Digital marketing agency Ambergreen is conducting a social media experiment with Scottish Twitter followers at the inaugural Edinburgh Twestival. Embraced not only …

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I twit, do you twoo?

29th January 2009

Everybody is talking about it. It’s the ‘in’ social media tool…it’s Twitter. Early adopters were counting down to the return of Friday Night with …

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The Edinburgh Coffee Morning – two years young and going strong.

16th January 2009

Today was a momentous day for all digitally inclined Edinbourgians (ed: This can’t be right!?) as the Edinburgh Coffee Morning …

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Write here, write now

14th January 2009

Hot Tin Roof’s very own Emma McD has been moonlighting and has had her first article published under her own …

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