Cycling the Tour De France and running 6 marathons…all in 3 years work!

This cat’s gym is pretty fancy. Sure, this Edinburgh gym uses Swatch watches with built in microchips to enter the premises and all gym equipment is totted up on a data card so you can track your progress. On the other hand the lockers have been out of action for going-on a month now! We have been reduced to using actual physical door-keys. Keys?! What is this, 1994?

Anyway, this gym card shows you loads of data when you checkout. Last night I jogged 2.7km, cycled over 6km – not bad for a wee cat.

I can even see the grand old total I have run since I joined in 2005! I have run 260km and cycled 475km!

Then the machine bitchslaps you with some perspective. It compares what I’ve done with the Tour de France! In 3 years I haven’t even cycled half! Not even a quarter! In fact, I’m currently trundling along on some mountain in north France – a mere fingernail away from the start line!

My jogging is then compared to the New York Marathon which I have run 6 times, according to my data. By now this pales in significance.

Confidence = shattered.

This Hot Tin Roof cat is now under the impression sports stardom is now truly out of reach. Ah well, better stick to the day job – striving forward with Hot Tin Roof.

Till next time…

Cat x

HTR is loving The Wire after getting the box sets cheap. Truly the best thing on TV.

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