Edinburgh Tech Weekly Coffee Morning fallout – SPOILER!

Belated thank you blog is in order! Last Friday we helped organise a Tech Coffee morning for the crème de la crème of the Edinburgh and Scotland, and it was a superb success!

Special guests Jemima KissAleks Krotoski and Scot Crawley from the Guardian mingled and gathered vox pops with a variety of interesting companies present and then recorded their podcast onsite (can’t wait? Listen to this week’s Tech Weekly here).

We had some great chat with The Amazing Rolo about his wicked-cool ‘Warp records’ sounding Loop machine. We discussed all things Hubdub with Tom Griffiths and shamefully admitted to our massive Hubdub dollar losses. And the afternoon was tailed off with some great banter with Neuro from Linden Lab and the guys from WeeWorld, who came all the way from Glasgow.

The coffee morning was even injected with some much needed culture from a frankly surreal performance by a woman playing a saw. Seriously!

Do check out all the fantastic snaps courtesy of Mike Coulter at Digital Agency and try to spot the awkward looking HTR member, it’s a hoot I tells ya!

HTR is delighted to have been associated with this event and is looking into organising something more regular. So for all those who attended, nice to see you to see you…and hopefully we’ll mingle with you again very soon.

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