@EdTwestival “We had a ball!”

Weary eyes this morning at Hot Tin Roof after an epic night at the Edinburgh Twestival.

We were delighted to be involved in such an exciting and worthy concept and are happy to report the evening was a great success.

In the end our wee event attracted around 250 of the McTwitterati and a brilliant £3,500 was raised for charity: water, with more to come for extra auctions due in the coming days.

The press were out in force with cameras, microphones and pads at every turn and we’re looking forward to seeing all the great coverage the event is sure to get.

Congratulations to our wonderful organisers @tanepiper – @andrewburnett – @bureauista – @davelaw00 – @jimwolffman and a hearty applause for Peter Gregson for a tremendous performance.

What the Scottish twitter community showed last night is while we embrace more technical communication, we are a very social bunch. Rather than loads of bowed heads cooing over iPhones there was great banter and plenty of mingling.

A fond hello to all the new folk we were lucky enough to meet and a hopeful ‘meet you soon’ to those we avidly follow and still have not spoken to in the flesh.

Twitter has shown its awesome power over the last few weeks and last night was a fitting culmination. Proving its worth as communities demonstrated they are ready and willing at short notice to come together and raise money for worthy charities.

If you want to relive all the connections made last night, check out the amazing graphical display at the Twestival by Blonde. http://edtwestival.blonde.net/replay/

You can still donate in many capacities at the Edinburgh Twestival website: http://edinburgh.twestival.com

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