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Money Dashboard is a free online personal finance service. It brings a person’s bank accounts, credit cards and store cards together in one place. It provides a clear up to the minute picture of someone’s personal finances. Having finished its first phase of user testing in July 2009, Money Dashboard needed PR to propel it towards beta testing, full launch and beyond.

Enter, Hot Tin Roof

The strategy

Hot Tin Roof created a long-term campaign around three main objectives:

  • Position the business as the consumer’s friend
  • Raise awareness
  • Build trust

A core tactic of this campaign was to place its founder, Gavin Littlejohn, as the trustworthy face of Money Dashboard.

The challenges

There were several external issues that Hot Tin Roof had to consider:

  • Little understanding of online personal finance
  • Needed to work quickly to be first to market
  • Lack of public trust in online banking

The solution

Hot Tin Roof employed a varied PR strategy that included:

  • Drafting and issuing press releases
  • Generating expert and opinion articles
  • Lining up journalist meetings
  • Securing business profiles
  • Offering comment on topical finance issues
  • Creating user case studies

The results

Hot Tin Roof generated over 100 pieces of coverage for Money Dashboard ahead of its full launch.

Here are just some of the PR highlights:

  • 13 one-to-one meetings for Littlejohn with national newspapers including The Financial Times and The Daily Telegraph
  • Secured contributor opportunities with The Scotsman, Entrepreneur Country and iVillage
  • Locked down several profiles in key publications including Mashable, The Next Web and The Independent on Sunday
  • Money Dashboard was recommended by journalists writing in publications like The Daily Express, City AM and The Independent
  • Case studies were featured in the Daily Record and The Herald

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