“Grown Man…likes his news. What’s your opinion?”

One thing that amazes me about some PRs, is the almost disinterest in keeping up with the news.

On a personal level, having a constant influx of information is vital, but this becomes all the more important from a professional viewpoint.

Keeping track of the right websites and the influential writers and you can get a feel for the sectors your clients are in, ideas for potential stories, areas to possibly comment, regular features you could target…the list actually goes on and on.

And nowadays what are we talking? We’re well beyond the stage of having to get every publication delivered and trying to find the time to trawl. If the advent of the internet presented information on a silver platter, then Web 2.0 is the platinum service (bling!). Surely there’s no excuse with the mass development of RSS and XML syndication?

Take my start to the day. After emails comes Netvibes. Here I can scan and get a feel for, but to name a few; Brand Republic, Precision Marketing, NMA, E-Consultancy, FT, BBC Scotland, Guardian (PDA Blog, Tech blog and Digital media), AllmediaScotland, Reuters…again, the list does go on.

It helps to know what’s going on, what people are writing about, what competitors are doing. Sort out your feeds and you’ll have a reliable, familiar resource to help filter the best information to you and your clients.

The major downside to this accessibility of information is I live in a world where I constantly read the news and by the time Channel Four news comes along, I feel like the stories being discussed happened days ago…so instead I just admire John Snow’s tie/socks combo.

Too much information? Perhaps. But if anything, it doesn’t half help when the Current Affairs category rolls along at the pub quiz.

p.s. They say laughter is the best medicine. Thankfully comedy websites haven’t missed a trick and I regularly get to chuckle at new postings from B3taGuardian Media MonkeyManBabiesPhotoshopDisasters, oh and Clay Davis from The Wire

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