How to avoid the outdoors on a weekend.

Isn’t it amazing how a Friday night can write off an entire weekend?

This cat went for a birthday bash at Vodka Revolution on Friday night. In the spirit of the venue, many large – scrap that – HUGE vodka pitchers, such as ‘Cherry Springer’ (genius!), were consumed. And duly, a staggering walk home was the result.

Saturday (apart from some casual shopping) was fittingly spent watching the vast array of massive Rugby, Football and Golf events on the tube. It didn’t help I had a backlog of series linked programming: Brothers and Sisters (the only show to guarantee tears every time!), Arrested development (does anyone stay up to watch this on BBC2 at 4am?!) and Big Bang Theory (the new Friends? No. But harmless and ever-so-slightly witty).

The Masters was also in glorious HD. The staggering visual quality made my screen glow with the Augusta sunshine and was so good it gave me a headache after 6 hours on uninterrupted golfing joy intertwined with a few pages of Barack Obama’s“The Audacity of Hope”.

I have developed a brand new formula as a result of this situation. I call it my ‘Weekend definer’.

Friday night out + Countless sporting events + Lots of unwatched programming on your +Box = A Saturday and Sunday on your arse.

And I loved ever minute of it.

In Hot Tin Roof news. Lots of coverage to be got (horrible phrase) and a very exciting event to be nailed down (more soon!).

Ciao x

p.s All your base are belong to us!

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