It’s the end of human contact as we know it. And I feel fine!

So Microsoft has unveiled its vision for the future of this here interweb thingamajiggy.

Live Mesh will allow users to connect to whatever devices they sign up for. So wherever you are, you could connect seamlessly to your work pc, your macbook, or even your funky ‘handy’ (that’s ‘mobile’ in German, a far better expression.)

This can only mean one thing. There will be no excuse and no hiding from the office. When your boss calls you at home, there is no hiding, you have access to your work email no doubt, and in the future you’ll be able to dig out that report you didn’t finish that day.

Workaholics around the world will ruin holidays for everyone, connecting to an important spreadsheet on their work laptop just to ‘tidy it up’ a little.

There’ll be no escape!

On the other hand working at home would be all the more simple. Connected to all the files you’ll need, your work email and to the internet (which provides everything in the world ever), working in your dressing gown looks oh so easy. Add on top of this cheap calls through Skype, a good book on Amazon’s Kindle, all your music and film needs on iTunes and you’ll never have to leave the house. In fact you might end up glued to a screen not only at work, but also during all your waking hours!

It’s a strange and exciting vision. And one I have probably hammed up to the point it is completely ridiculous.

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