Med-tech PR – MIME Technologies


MIME’s technology reduces unnecessary plane diversions while improving passenger safety by live streaming medical data to the ground during inflight emergencies.   


  • Launch to market by raising awareness of unnecessary plane diversions 
  • Use coverage to position MIME as the solution to aviation and mainstream media  
  • Budget £1,500. 


Filming in a Cabin Simulator brought the story to life for broadcast. HTR successfully pitched using iPhone pictures to BBC and Associated Press, securing two pre-record packages ahead of global release to aviation, medical, tech.  


  • Global broadcast coverage across 12 countries 
  • BBC TV, online and radio 
  • Aviation, health, tech and business 
  • Enquiries from two airlines 

Doretta Tsetou, MIME Technologies: “HTR is a small but strong team. We were impressed by the overall result of our PR. The media that published our content had a strong local and international impact. HTR managed to deliver our message across continents as well as the industry. Our strong headlines led to interactions with the industry’s decision makers. Their approach was professional, fast and efficient. Exactly what any industry needs.” 

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