My Super Sweet Tech Meeting

“Two blogs in two days? Something special must be happening!” I hear you say…

You’d be right. It’s busy busy busy in the office today as we steamroll ahead with an event we’re helping to organise.

Now we’re not ones to namedrop. Honestly. This cat has hugged Kriss Akabusi AND Andi Peters in their prime…but you don’t see us publishing this kind of rare and amazing occurrence for the world to see. No sir!

We like to keep things civil and trust people will come to our events, just because we asked nicely.

So, I would like to cordially invite start-up companies around Scotland with dealings in mobile, internet, social networking and the like to come along to Home House in Edinburgh at 9am 25 April for a meet and greet coffee morning.

And, not that we have to drop any names but there might, and I must stress this, might, be a major player in the new media game coming. A journalist by the name of Jemima Kiss and her Tech Weekly podcast crew. But don’t tell them I told you, they’ll break our little kitty legs!

Like Glastonbury we have a very strict registration policy. But unlike Glastonbury…there will be no mud…oh and we’ll sell out. So if you are interested and a suitable kind of techie person to come along, run along (virtually of course) to and sign yourself up sharpish. Hope to see you there!

In other news, this cat has gone and gambled away all its virtual earnings on Hubdub. Bad predictions = Loser!

Cat x

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