Pioneering Compressor Company lifts Inventor of the Year award

Edinburgh based compressor company Vert Rotors lifted Inventor of the Year trophy at the prestigious Made in Scotland awards in Glasgow last night.

The company was recognised for the innovation and advances it has made with the production of its micro, near silent and super efficient range of compressors that are all designed and manufactured in Scotland. The company also boasts the smallest low-vibration clean air compressor in the world amongst its product range and a selection of their compressors can be seen on display in the National Museum of Scotland.

The machines have a huge variety of applications across a diverse range of businesses including the medical, robotics and space exploration sectors.

Olly Dimitriev, Managing Director of Vert Rotors said: “We are delighted to have won this award. We are proud to have done our part in pushing forward Scottish innovation and in securing a place for Scottish manufacturing in the global market. We have big plans for the future, we have created 10 high value jobs in Scotland so far and we have plans to expand further and have more innovative products in the pipeline”.

Founded in 2013, Vert Rotors is based in Edinburgh, and has already attracted international attention. Three-quarters of Vert Rotors’ customers are based outside the UK and include Fortune 500 manufacturers in the European Union and the United States.

Olly Dmitriev is a technology entrepreneur and innovator with 15 years’ experience in software project management and a dual executive MBA degree from London Business Schools and Columbia University in New York.

He is a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the author of three patents and multiple papers relating to Vert’s compressor technology.

The total global market for industrial compressors is expected to reach more than $17.5 billion (£14.3bn) by 2017, with compressed air accounting for 10 per cent of industrial electricity demand.

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