Technology is amazing/annoying (delete where applicable)

Technology is brilliant isn’t it? I mean, for one, this blog wouldn’t even exist without the ease of publication brought by the internet and the popularisation of blogging, a result of this amazing invention. But why is it technology easily lets one down in a tight spot?

Hot Tin Roof recently had a pitch for a very exciting PR contract. A brand new Macbook Air (No we haven’t tried putting it in an envelope…yet) was ready to be snazzily used to showcase our portfolio. Everything was good to go. Then the classic technology plot twist came to fruition, and the computer didn’t do as it was told. Tut tut, naughty mac!

Nevertheless despite this slip up, the pitch went swimmingly with the classic two-pronged attack of speech and a physical portfolio. Hopefully we’ll be breaking some super sweet news about our recent bout of tenders/pitches etc soon.

In other news, Easter Weekend is on its way. One cat is lucky enough to be jetting away, while the rest are still going to turn up to work. Why? You ask. Well these kind of days may be a write-off for getting any real PR done, but it is a great chance to catch up on admin and niggling things which have been a burden of some back-seat bother for the past few months.

Congratulations to the male cat at Hot Tin Roof for completing the 6-mile run for Sport relief. (In the words of Bruce and Tess “keeeeeep Giving”) You might have caught our boy giving a vox pop in Monday’s Edinburgh Evening News. We’re all so proud.

Cat. Out.

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