The ramblings of a Cat on a Monday

A rather murky greeting to you all,

Rain falling on ground

“The weather outside is frightful”, but not in 50’s Christmas crooner style, it is, quite frankly, disgusting.

Monday’s are hard enough as it is, but the cat’s view above this computer screen ahead shows rain, clouds and more rain. The wind is due this evening, so any kind of exercise is out the window.

Why exercise? Well, one cat has signed up for Sport Relief mile this Sunday. Very last minute, which is no doubt the worst approach to this kind of activity. Upon discussion with family members, this cat was left with no option but to go for the full 6 mile hog, rather than the much more pleasant sounding 1 mile ‘run’. If you are feeling particularly generous, please sponsor Chris @

Hot Tin Roof has been very busy completing PR proposals for various tenders recently. These are always a huge but ultimately creative task, where we all come together and come up with some brilliant ideas. It is then up to the company to decide whether or not we are the right agency to represent them. Hopefully we’ll have some good news in this respect soon…

If I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night!


p.s. HTR is currently getting excited by Hubdub and the prospect of more UK questions. So far this cat has been betting on the most lowbrow of predications such as if Britney Spears will live to see 2009!

HTR Fun link!
Will we be seeing this, come Fringe time?

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