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Converge, Scotland’s springboard for university founders, had three clear goals when they approached us to launch their 13th programme. One, raise applications to the programme. Two, encourage more applicants from three key regional areas of Scotland: the Highlands and Islands, Greater Glasgow and South of Scotland. Three, position Converge as a leading voice on Scottish enterprise and diversity.


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Convergers assemble!

Lots of exciting startup and spinout companies work with Converge so the key was to select a project that would achieve the greatest reach. What kind of story would appeal to people in the target regions, encourage diversity in applicants AND raise awareness of Converge’s great work? We investigated and that’s when we met Erin Reid…

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Life’s an adventure

As the founder of LU Innovations, Erin won Converge funding to develop a pioneering menstrual hygiene kit for outdoor adventurers. Both Erin and her product embody the Converge commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality, making her a great alumni success story.

We took a dual approach to sharing this story, writing two differently focused press releases. The first was targeted at national and regional media, highlighting Erin’s work and the benefits of working with Converge. The second was targeted at the Scottish business media, with Converge’s refreshed key messaging dispelling the myth that you need to call yourself an ‘entrepreneur’ to set up in business.

We’ve worked with a number of PR agencies over the years who promise the earth but deliver very little. Hot Tin Roof in comparison is a total revelation. They were quick to grasp what we do as an organisation, full of creative ideas and clearly hungry to land coverage that really matters. Indeed, the metrics from our 2023 launch campaign have been eye-popping – going way beyond our initial expectations. We’re delighted to be working with such a great agency and a great bunch of people.

Claudia Cavalluzzo
Executive Director of Converge

Edinburgh entrepreneur creates wildness menstrual kit

Graduate’s hygiene kit could ‘make a difference’ to women all over the world

Graduate’s hygiene kit could ‘make a difference’ to women all over the world

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