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Cookies are small files saved on your phone, tablet or computer when you visit a website.

We use cookies to make Hot Tin Roof work and collect information about how you use our service.

Essential cookies
Essential cookies keep your information secure. We do not need to ask permission to use them.


Purpose: This cookie stores the cookie preference, and is used to show the cookie banner on initial page load.

Expires: 1 month


Purpose: Clearance Cookie stores the proof of challenge passed. It is used to no longer issue a challenge if present. It is required to reach an origin server.

Expires: 1 year


Purpose: The Rate Limiting Rules product uses a number of techniques for applying rate limits to traffic where multiple unique visitors share the same IP address, such as traffic from behind a NAT.

Expires: Session


Analytics cookies (optional)

With your permission, we use Google Analytics to collect data about how you use our website.

This information helps us to improve our service. Google is not allowed to use or share our analytics data with anyone.

Google Analytics stores anonymised information about:

  • how you got to Hot Tin Roof
  • the pages you visit on Hot Tin Roof and how long you spend on them
  • any errors you see while using Hot Tin Roof



Purpose: This cookie registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. Wildcard value is to reference the website visitors session.

Expires: 2 years


Purpose: Checks if you’ve visited the website before. This helps us count how many people visit our site.

Expires: 24 hours

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