5 PR Trends for 2019

It’s a new year, we’ve got a brand new website, so what’s new in PR for 2019?

1. PR technology continues to grow

Integrating new technology into the public relations process will gain even more traction, something very close to our hearts here at Hot Tin Roof. Many routine PR tasks can now be assisted with new machine-learning technology, seen in tools like Mustr, which consolidates media and influencer contact lists.

Over at Hot Tin Roof, our fearless leader, Sarah, is designing Ping Go, a tech tool to help the novice write a press release that will get media attention. While public relations remains built on relationships, technology can help the process. 

2. Increased ability to measure the value of PR

Thankfully, in our technology-driven world, data to measure the fruit of our PR labours is now more available than ever. This data tracks the true value of PR and helps show companies return on investment (ROI) for the first time. This means we can quantify our successes in terms of coverage and brand awareness using tools like CoverageBook and Get Social.

3. Growing reliance on niche firms

As time goes on, specialist PR agencies are increasingly zooming in on companies in niche sectors. This allows agencies to gather deep knowledge of an industry and use that knowledge to create positive and effective relationships with target audiences. At Hot Tin Roof, we’ve been focused on the tech industry since our early beginnings in 2002. With this experience, we’ve gained a unique understanding of the digital technology world and its media.

4. Social listening will remain important

With a multitude of social media platforms right in the palm of our hands, we have become more vocal about our opinions, and if these opinions are about your brand, you need to be on top of it. Effective and timely communication between consumer and a brand is crucial and builds a relationship between the two through social listening.

5. Loss of trust in media continues to affect PR

With fear of “fake news” strong in the public mind, PR agencies need to keep trust front and centre while also recognising that journalists will be doing the same. In addition, keeping tabs on the credibility of websites mentioning your brand is immensely important. Trust is integral in any relationship, especially that between a brand and its audience.

They say the only true constant in PR is change. In an industry that is forever evolving, we must be able to adapt to new innovations and environments. While no one is able to confidently predict the future, we hope that considering these PR trends for 2019 will help you prepare for success and usher in a fabulous new year.

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