Telling the stories that need to be heard.

We help drive a purposeful news agenda, shining a light on the people, organisations and ideas that change the world.


We tell the stories that count, that matter

Purposeful work that sparks debate and fresh thinking. Work that shines a light on societal challenges and provides a platform to the people and organisations that are driving for change. 

Tenacity and perseverance get the job done

We never give up, tenacity is in our DNA. Terrier-like, we get the story out there so the right people see it, in the right places, at the right time. We believe in the work of our clients and that passion is clear to see throughout our campaigns, pitches and calls.

Sharing the benefits of progress and growth

We recognise and promote mutual benefit for both our clients and colleagues. Client growth is accelerated as their reputation takes shape, while our growth comes through considered collaboration. Our progress is accelerated by aligning our purpose to theirs.

Equal measures of respect and diligence

Respect is at the core of our approach – respect for our clients who trust us with their reputations and for our colleagues who we support. Diligence ensures we are never complacent. We are transparent in our relationships and uphold our high standards and our reputation at all times.

Our Origin

Hot Tin Roof’s story began at Sarah’s kitchen table in Edinburgh with dial-up internet, a rotary phone and a strong desire to help startups earn media coverage. A Tennessee Williams fan, Sarah was the original ‘Cat’ at Hot tin Roof, agile and responsive to the needs of her clients. 

Two decades later, the agency is still passionate about the power of PR to be an engine for growth. Having grown to a team of 12 we wake up every morning to make news. We are storytellers, we are creatives and we are influencers. We know what makes a good news article and how to land it.

The threads of science, technology and digital are woven tightly through the fabric of Hot Tin Roof. We are drawn to pioneers, disruptors and organisations that want to grow. Our clients, our colleagues, and our results are proof of that.  

Meet the team

Our team is fab! We work hard and we laugh a lot. We are an eclectic mix of cultures, skills and experience.

Come and say hi!

HTR team

Current clients

Collaborative working

Life at Hot Tin Roof

Juggling priorities, sharing ideas and pushing boundaries.

Quick thinking helps us to stay on top of the ever-shifting media landscape. 

Join us, accelerate your career and help us deliver purposeful PR.

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