Alba Incubation to Showcase Fresh Batch of Startups at YCF 2014

The Alba Incubation Service, a Scottish Enterprise funded project, is set to highlight the talent and innovation its clients have to offer at the annual Young Company Finance conference.

Now entering its 14th year, Young Company Finance seeks to bring together entrepreneurs and investors through a series of talks from industry professionals – investors, analysts and advisers. As part of the conference, around 20 early stage companies are to exhibit through the Young Company Showcase.

Five of Alba’s clients will present their exceptional business ideas to potential investors for the first time at this year’s event on Wednesday 17 September. Codbod, Bizvento, Ibisvision, iWise2 and PingGo will all look to demonstrate their business potential and ambition to a variety of investors in the hope of creating new partnerships and attracting investment support.

Ibisvision was set up in 2014 to complete the development of a unique software programme. The resulting application; RingOfSight, is used by optometrists, eye surgeons and hospital clinics to aid in the diagnosis and follow-up care of patients with glaucoma.

Responding to the increased desire for digitisation of business conferences, Bizvento have built an integrated event management platform. The programme provides organisers with tools for mobile content delivery, audience engagement and attendee networking both before and after the event.

Codbod’s cloud technology allows businesses to understand their environmental impact through tracking and reporting. By providing data about their sustainability, Codbod helps companies reduce the cost of their environmental management.

PingGo is a PR machine that helps companies to launch and get to market by providing them with the tools they need to tell the world their story.

iWise2 is an online hub for business learning and professional development. Using a variety of practical tools such as blogs, webinars, books and resource packs, iWise2 aims to equip individuals with the skills they need to progress in their career.

Head of Innovation and Incubation Services at Innovation Centres Scotland (ICS), Peter Andrew, commented: “We feel YCF is an excellent platform to showcase some of the new innovative businesses in Scotland looking to raise funding so we are bringing along some of our young, exciting high tech entrepreneurial businesses to demonstrate the extent of innovation the Alba Incubation Service is seeing across Scotland.”

“We’re very enthusiastic about the opportunity our clients are being presented with, events like this allow entrepreneurs and investors to understand each other’s goals from the outset, ensuring businesses can make the most of any potential investment. Early stage businesses appreciate the value of events like Young Company Finance as a way of networking and developing relationships with investors.”

ICS operates the Alba Incubation Service on behalf of Scottish Enterprise.

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