Apple introduces personalised snail mail and friend stalking

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Tin It Or Bin It – 14 October 2011 – Apple introduces personalised snail mail and friend stalking

Apple has introduced a free ‘Cards’ app this week. It allows you to get creative, and design and send personalised, physical greeting cards to all your friends and family, choosing from over 20 template designs.

Buying and sending your postcard or greeting card is similar to buying a song on iTunes. You just enter your Apple ID password and then simply place your order. Apple will then print the card, put it in an envelope and mail it to your loved one on your behalf. Brilliant.

Cards is not an original idea. There are many other websites and apps out there doing the same thing, however this is an Apple app, and with its style and simple design, looks set to refresh and revitalise the crowded greeting card industry.

This is a fun, creative app and we predict it could really take off.

Cards is a TIN IT.

Cards wasn’t the only Apple app launched this week. ‘Find my Friends’ is a location app which allows you to keep tabs on your friend’s location.

We don’t know about you, but if we want to get hold of our friends to find out where they are, we usually just give them a call or drop them a text. This app seems a bit creepy in comparison.

Find my Friends shares your location with your accepted friends, all of the time, which is different to one of the top location apps FourSquare, and not something that is very appealing.

Before you even begin you have to wait about for your friend to accept your request and then, you have to accept there’s back.

Once you are both finally connected, you can click on your friend to see their current location completely in real time. Yet again, this is different to FourSquare, as with the latter, you have to option to ‘check in’ to a place that you think will of interest to your friends. I’m not sure any of our friends, no matter how much they love us, would appreciate a boring update that we are going to the supermarket or just walking home!

This all feels too much like a complete invasion of privacy and a bit pointless. This is not something we will be continuing to use.

Sadly, this app is a BIN IT.

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