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The National Robotarium

Hot Tin Roof’s National Robotarium campaign triumphed on the UK’s biggest PR stages, scooping prestigious awards from both PRCA and CIPR, the industry’s leading trade bodies.


The National Robotarium opened in Edinburgh in September 2022. Delivering robotics and AI research and corporate partnerships, the launch used robust media relations to raise awareness, attract new industry collaborators and educate the public positively about the sector.


Hot Tin Roof’s award-winning National Robotarium campaign positioned the facility as a global leader in robotics and AI. The agency’s strategic approach, creative execution and impressive results earned it three prestigious awards from CIPR and PRCA.


Extensive research and stakeholder interviews informed a segmented media strategy focusing on robots’ societal benefits. Hot Tin Roof crafted compelling narratives and targeted content to reach diverse audiences effectively.


Meticulous planning, creative problem-solving, and efficient coordination allowed Hot Tin Roof to secure high-profile media coverage, facilitate engaging demonstrations, and leverage expert endorsements. The agency balanced corporate partnerships and research impact to maintain a consistent narrative.


The campaign generated 537 pieces of global coverage on high profile platforms like the BBC world Service, BBC Click, ITV and Channel 5, prompting 430+ high-quality inquiries, and significantly increasing traffic across digital channels. Hot Tin Roof’s efforts created widespread awareness, excitement, and impactful media coverage around the National Robotarium’s launch.


Stewart Millar, CEO, National Robotarium

“With the help of Hot Tin Roof we had immense reach around the globe. They ensured awareness and excitement were generated so that we had a fantastic event at our facility on the day itself.

“Most impressive was the TV coverage achieved with all main UK channels and many worldwide news agencies.

“Since the event I have had many customers and partners congratulate us on the impact we have made and the content that was delivered.”

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