Counting elephants
from space.

CivTech is the world’s first government-run accelerator for digital public services. Hot Tin Roof sought the best way to highlight the opportunities available to CivTech companies and set out to share one of many amazing success stories of its alumni. This meant a busy PR campaign with multiple stakeholders and a need to safeguard share-of-voice for CivTech itself.


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From Scottish Red Deer to African Elephants

EOLAS Insight, a CivTech alumni, won a contract from the European Space Agency to use satellites to conduct a census of elephants that roam vast areas of Mozambique. The aim of EOLAS Insight’s work was to classify the elephants’ habitats and identify wildfire and poaching risks. This had all the right elements for a great news story but we needed to ensure CivTech’s role was included in this strong success story so other companies could recognise it as a brilliant programme to take part in.

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Selling it in

Not only an inspiring news story in the fields of animal conservation and Scottish entrepreneurialism, EOLAS Insight’s work had the potential to inspire others to apply to the CivTech programme. It was essential that Hot Tin Roof kept the connection to the CivTech programme front and centre when pitching the story to journalists and this dedication was reflected in the coverage, which highlighted the key role of CivTech in building up to this success for the alumni company.

Our quirky business story about a small Scottish business landing a big contract was a huge hit with news desks. We secured coverage across national publications in Scotland and farther afield – even featuring in the Journal of African Elephants.

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Hot Tin Roof understands that we want to champion our brilliant alumni companies, whilst drawing interest to the CivTech programme itself. We were really impressed with how closely Hot Tin Roof worked with the media to get the key aspects of this story across, and it was great to see so much press coverage for both EOLAS Insight and CivTech. The impact of the story was great, and it has opened the door to share so many other brilliant success stories from the CivTech community.

Mark Elliott
CivTech Programme Director

Glasgow tech firm in African wildlife project

Scottish Startup to Count African Elephants from Space

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