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“Access to safe drinking water is a global problem that is only getting harder as global warming, ageing infrastructure, industrial waste and modern contaminants gather pace.”

Duncan Peters, founder of IF Water


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The Challenge

When Hot Tin Roof heard about new game changing technology that promises to revolutionise access to safe, clean drinking water for millions of people worldwide, we knew it was a story we could share globally. Startup IF Water has long recognised the growing problem faced by many businesses, homes and tourism hotspots, with thousands relying on bottled water or costly and hard to maintain private water supplies here in the UK. Setting out to solve the problem, IF Water wanted to unveil their new water purification innovation. However, packaging this up as a product launch simply wouldn’t cut it with our media contacts so we worked with them to create a hard-hitting global news story that was designed to prompt interest from organisations and individuals around the world.


Our decades of experience means we know how to bring together all the elements needed in a high profile news package so to answer the brief we headed to a hotel – and took our cameras with us. 

The Strategy

There is a fine line between telling a news story and selling a product. To ensure strong media uptake, we knew we needed a solid (or liquid in this case) news hook. We positioned IF as a solution to a global water scarcity issue whilst engaging our audience’s visual and auditory senses to tell the story of IF’s first of its kind purification device. 


Identifying a strong case study was key to making the story real and memorable. Due to the heavily peated water supply at the Portsonachan Hotel, the establishment was buying over 90,000 litres of bottled water each year, adding an additional £13,000 to its operating costs. IF Water’s innovative system meant that the hotel could start supplying clean water to its guests within a matter of hours. 


Once we perfected our press release, we got to work selling in a bespoke broadcast package to global news wire agency Reuters. Once they were on board, we  spoke to the hotel’s owner, preparing him for TV and self-filmed his interview alongside beautiful B-roll footage of the surrounding Loch Awe. We repeated the process with IF Water’s Duncan Peters to ensure we would really enhance the audience’s understanding of this brand new solution. 


When it came time for the distribution we had a tightly written press release backed by a broadcast quality audio visual package. Thanks to our in-house filming, PR and journalism experience, these assets were media ready and instrumental in achieving global coverage.

The Results

We knew this story had the potential to make it around the world and we were so incredibly pleased when that’s exactly what happened. By approaching very targeted key media, this story achieved over 175 national and international hits, including CNN and CNA (Channel News Asia), reaching millions of viewers in the US, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Korea, Croatia, Vietnam, Trinidad, Tobago and Columbia. Locally, we made the news in The Herald, The National, the Independent, Insider and many more. 


Not only did we achieve global coverage, IF Water received multiple and tangible business queries from around the world to evidence and support its next funding round. 

We are extremely proud to have been chosen to share the news about this first of its kind technology that provides the highest quality purified water from any public source in the world.

This coverage, organised entirely by Hot Tin Roof, has given us requests for units, partnerships and investment, in the US, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Korea, Croatia, Vietnam, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, the UK and many others.

 We’ve been overwhelmed working with Hot Tin Roof by their passion for new innovative problem solving technology, and the way they’ve gone FAR above and beyond for our cause. We’re looking forward to working with them again and again and are so grateful for the care they took to tell our company’s story.

Duncan Peters

CEO and Founder of IF


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