National Robotarium

Launching a global
robotics facility.

The National Robotarium, the world-leading centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, opened in September 2022. Our brief was to secure positive global coverage about the new facility and prompt enquiries. This launch needed a carefully considered approach and robust planning.


Media hits

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Fail to plan, plan to fail

HTR interviewed more than 30 stakeholders and 25 key media contacts to identify any sensitive topics that might overwhelm the launch story. We tracked robotic and AI stories for several months to ensure our content was fresh and positive. We created two mission teams – one based remotely to outbound pitch, set up opportunities and plan diaries, and one on-site to find visual ops, attend interviews, brief client spokespeople and external experts, rehearse tricky questions, and maximise limited access to the robots.

Fighting through the smoke

Using all the intel collected, we chose our central theme – the National Robotarium solves global challenges to make society safer, healthier and more productive – and we used this in all our content. We created two distinct stories – a global corporate partnership announcement with Tata Consultancy Services and a visually exciting collaboration project that developed an AI-powered helmet to help firefighters locate casualties in smoke-filled spaces.

We smashed it! Weeks of planning saw 537 articles published around the world about the launch. Coverage appeared on Reuters, AFP, BBC, Sky News, ITV, Channel 5 and even the China Global Television Network! Most importantly, the National Robotarium received 430 high-quality enquiries immediately post-launch from businesses, schools and the media.

With the help of Hot Tin Roof we had immense reach around the globe. They ensured awareness and excitement were generated so that we had a fantastic event at our facility on the day itself. Most impressive was the TV coverage achieved with all main UK channels and many worldwide news agencies. Since the event I have had many customers and partners congratulate us on the impact we have made and the content that was delivered.

Stewart Miller
CEO, National Robotarium

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