The National Robotarium

Launching a robotics revolution .

The National Robotarium, a world-leading centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, aims to establish the UK as a global leader in robotics. 

Hot Tin Roof and its public affairs partner, PA Cooperative, were tasked with researching, writing and launching an ambitious policy document outlining a five-point plan to achieve this vision and secure engagement from key stakeholders and decision-makers.

Crafting a powerful campaign

Working closely with the National Robotarium’s Communications Manager, we developed a robust, multi-faceted campaign. This included:


  1. Producing a compelling policy document with clear ‘asks’ for political parties to commit to in their election manifestos.


  2. Providing strategic advice on the format and timings of a high-profile launch event at Westminster to unveil the policy document and engage cross-party representatives. In line with our ‘one team’ approach, we worked seamlessly with our in-house colleagues who executed the event management.


  3. Developing and executing a thought leadership campaign to amplify the document’s messaging and secure earned editorial coverage.

We utilised our extensive network to create a targeted list of MPs and Lords with a known interest in robotics and associated issues, whilst delivering consultancy which supported the meticulous planning and management of the event delivered by the National Robotarium team to maximise impact and engagement

Engaging influential stakeholders

Through our strategic approach and well-connected network, we worked closely with our in-house colleagues to successfully secure the involvement of high-profile individuals in the document’s launch. This included:

  • Former Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, Chloe Smith MP, who spoke at the event and participated in a panel discussion.
  • Event sponsor Joanna Cherry MP, who hosted the event and expressed support for the National Robotarium’s work.
  • Robotics startups and stakeholders associated with the National Robotarium were secured to attend the event to showcase the potential of UK-based innovations and to highlight the benefit of incubation facilities. Briefing and management of the startup companies was managed by the in-house team in line with the division of roles and responsibilities.
  • Engagement with key government departments, including the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT), National Health Service (NHS), Innovate UK (IUK), and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), to foster collaboration and support for the National Robotarium’s initiatives.


Our collaborative efforts led to multiple enquiries from MSPs and MPs, including influential ministers in both Holyrood and Westminster, as well as Labour shadow ministers likely to be part of the next UK Government, to visit the National Robotarium facility.

The National Robotarium, Heriot-Watt University

Driving impact and awareness

The policy launch generated significant buzz and positioned the National Robotarium as a key player in shaping the future of UK robotics. Key outcomes included:


  • High-profile media coverage, including a live interview with Stewart Miller on Sky News with Kay Burley to discuss the future of UK robotics.
  • Widespread social media engagement, particularly on LinkedIn, raising awareness of the National Robotarium’s vision and goals.
  • Earned editorial coverage in leading publications such as Raconteur, The Times, and The Herald through a targeted thought leadership campaign.
  • A dramatic increase in interest from potential research and industry partners, including direct enquiries from multiple health sector leaders.
  • Follow-up meetings and discussions with DSIT, further strengthening the National Robotarium’s ties with key government stakeholders and accelerating the delivery of its mission for the UK robotics sector.

By collaborating closely with the National Robotarium team and leveraging our expertise in policy-focused campaigns, Hot Tin Roof and PA Cooperative helped to successfully launch a policy document that has the potential to drive the UK’s robotics revolution forward and cement the country’s position as a global leader in this transformative field.

Campaign highlights

  • Engaged with influential decision-makers, including ministers and shadow ministers
  • Secured high-profile media coverage, including a live interview with National Robotarium CEO Stewart Miller on Sky News with Kay Burley
  • Achieved widespread digital media engagement
  • Supported buy-in and attendance from robotics startups associated with the National Robotarium
  • Estimated audience circulation of 30M+ 

The impact of the event at Westminster has been extensive with many follow-on conversations and new connections made helping to accelerate the delivery of our mission for the UK Robotics sector. This is just one of the many ways that Hot Tin Roof has added value to The National Robotarium over the past couple of years that have seen us, with their help, grow our profile and connect with people throughout the UK and beyond.

Stewart Miller, CEO of the National Robotarium

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