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Tin It Or Bin It – 30 March 2012 – ColourDNA

ColourDNA has just launched a shiny new app for the iPhone. It’s described as “a proprietary algorithm for social discovery”. It basically discovers a bit about your likes and interests and recommends things they think you will like – from music and books, right through to art and gadgets.

First things first you have to select your favourite colour. The whole concept of the app revolves around colour (just in case the clue in the name didn’t tip you off!).

ColourDNA believe that your preference for certain colours reflects certain personality traits. Now this is where we start to become doubtful. Even though the algorithm highlights the importance of colour preferences, we can’t help thinking that other personal interests like music, films, food, books etc reveal a wealth of information about a person, more so perhaps than a simple colour can. Also, just like our moods, our favourite colour can vary.

ColourDNA incorporates a lot of features from Facebook, Foursquare and Pinterest and has existed online for some time now, so it does seem a natural step for the introduction of the app. It is an intriguing concept but we remain unconvinced for now. Only time will tell if people will take a liking to it and want to continually use it.

We wish them every success but unfortunately this is a Bin It.

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