Diary of an Intern… Heather’s experience so far

It is the fear of every new intern that their day will solely consist of making coffee, running errands and being barked at by everyone from the Managing Director to the visiting IT man. So you can imagine my relief when I turned up on Monday morning to be warmly welcomed at the Hot Tin Roof office with a fresh cup of coffee and a desk all to myself.

The girls in the office went through all their clients and were kind enough not to laugh at my questions. I am now much more enlightened on the subjects of cloud computing and moo cards. What a difference a week can make!

The best thing about the internship, apart from the coffee, is the freedom to try every aspect of the PR industry. Sarah and Lucy definitely come from the school of ‘learn by doing’. I’ve attended business meetings, spoken to the editors of national publications and met the head honchos of Edinburgh’s creative industry at a business brunch, where I’m afraid the novelty of having business cards took over. I don’t think a single person went away without a shiny silver card and Hot Tin Roof on their mind.

So to conclude, the fears at the start of the week have been dispelled and I’m glad to say have been replaced with a fiery passion that PR is what I want to do. That’s the charm of Hot Tin Roof; bringing you round to their way of thinking.

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