DNS founding director Stuart Fraser appointed by miiCard

One of Scotland’s leading digital security experts, Stuart Fraser, has been appointed by miiCard as Technical Architect.  As co-founder of specialist IT security consultancy DNS, Stuart’s appointment is a coup for the pioneering digital identity startup.

Over eight years, Stuart helped DNS become the largest provider of security services in the UK before the company was sold last year to SecureWorks, now in the process of being bought by Dell.

miiCard is a unique digital passport for the consumer that proves “I am who I say I am” in real time, for the first time.   Owned and managed by the individual, miiCard allows the consumer to track, monitor and so, for the first time, take control of their online identity.

Stuart  will be responsible for the design and implementation of miiCard’s security token service which will verify user identity to Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer Regulations and the Proceeds of Crime Act standards.

Drawn to the challenge of developing a global digital passport that proves the user’s identity and becomes stronger the more it is used, Stuart says:  “As the threat of internet fraud and identity theft increases it is critical that we find some way of being able to take control of our digital identity.

“Every day we give away our personal data to companies around the world, from Facebook and Google to banks, retailers and government agencies.   And once we have given it away, we have no control over what happens to our identity.  It is vital that we find a way of taking control back and I am very excited about the implications of miiCard for the future of digital identity.”

Stuart’s early career began in the energy sector working for Conoco, BP and Scottish Power before becoming founder director of DNS. Following the sale of DNS, Stuart returned to his studies, recently completing The University of Edinburgh’s MSc in High Performance Computing – specialising in scaling and super computers.

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