Flexiant appoints US reseller DSA Technologies

Cloud software and services company Flexiant is continuing its push into the US market with a partnership announced today of full-service reseller, DSA Technologies.

Founded in 1991, DSA Technologies provides a complete range of IT services and solutions to clients across the United States. It will introduce Flexiant’s Extility cloud platform these clients, helping them to develop their own private and public clouds.

Robert Karssiens, Flexiant’s Director of Sales & Marketing says: “Resellers like DSA Technologies are essential to our international growth plans. This agreement will help introduce our Extility platform, already used extensively in Europe, to a new and demanding market.”

Flexiant, headquartered in Scotland, developed Europe’s first cloud platform in 2007 and is one of only a handful of independent cloud platform providers world wide.

DSA Technologies’ CEO, Michael Pearson says: “We pride ourselves on finding the right technologies for our clients, to help them in their own businesses. Flexiant’s Extility cloud computing platform will let our clients create exactly the clouds they need.”

The two partners were introduced through Phoenix Fire, a business development agency specialising in partner channel development for the US technology sector. Flexiant entered a partnership agreement with Phoenix Fire at the end of 2010, to help find quality resellers for its products.

Flexiant’s Extility software is a licensed cloud computing platform delivering all the benefits of real-time server estate management to end-users through its unique user interface and API. Central to these end-user benefits is the ability to shape server requirements to meet and exceed the demands of a perpetually shifting market landscape, allowing provisioning and reconfiguration of servers in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days.

Licensees of Extility not only enjoy the competitive edge of providing world class scalable services to existing or new business; the savings springing from Extility’s unified platform mean that they are able to do so at realistic prices in a market projected to comprise of over 20% of corporate IT infrastructure within five years.

Flexiant also offers a public cloud service, FlexiScale, which enables start-ups and SMEs to grow from one server to one thousand servers in seconds – critical for organisations offering streaming video, social networking or SaaS, and ideal for a wealth of other applications.

FlexiScale’s pay-as-you-go virtual dedicated servers can be up and running, or taken down in less than 60 seconds, ensuring businesses can rapidly shape their IT resources in response to dynamic market conditions. With no long-term commitment or capital expenditure required from customers, FlexiScale facilitates clear focus on core business activities by reducing time, energy and effort spent on IT provisioning and investment.

In addition to a range of other deployments, Extility is currently being used as a test bed by the European Commission on three multi-million pound FP7 research and development projects aimed at driving forward the adoption of cloud computing across Europe.

For more information contact: Lauren Cormack.

About DSA Technologies

Founded in 1991, DSA Technologies provides a complete range of IT services and solutions to clients US-wide. DSA has grown from a professional services only firm into a full-service solution provider offering complete technology solutions for: strategic planning, cloud-readiness assessment, project design, product sales, professional services implementation, managed services monitoring, post-implementation support and on-going staff services.

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