Flexiant to attend Cloud Expo Europe 2011

Flexiant, the pioneering cloud software and services company, has confirmed its attendance at Cloud Expo Europe 2011 in London’s Barbican on 2nd and 3rd February.

The company will run a live demo on the FlexiScale public cloud platform, showcasing its flagship software, Extility, from control panel to billing engine.

Flexiant, headquartered in Scotland, developed Europe’s first cloud platform in 2007 and is one of only a handful of independent cloud platform providers world wide.  Extility helps companies reduce start up costs, capital expenditure and energy consumption, while slashing operating costs and significantly shrinking carbon footprint.

In addition to a range of other deployments, Extility, is currently being used as a test bed by the European Commission on three multi-million pound FP7 research and development projects aimed at driving forward the adoption of cloud computing across Europe.

Cloud Expo Europe is the only European event dedicated to all aspects of cloud computing, from cloud in the data centre, storage and security to open source and the cloud.

Robert Karssiens, Director of Sales and Marketing comments:  ”We are seeing increasing interest from all sectors as people switch onto the possibilities created by cloud computing. This is an exciting time to be working in the industry and we are looking forward to the discussion and debate that will happen at Cloud Expo.

In 2009 Cloud Expo Europe brought together some of the industry’s most respected luminaries and key industry leaders such as Google, Amazon, IBM, Red Hat, Cisco, Sun, SugarCRM and many more to present the case for cloud computing.

Cloud computing is changing the way companies look at how they address cost, scalability and the models that underpin successful software and hardware companies.  A recent report predicts that by 2012, 80% of Fortune 1000 companies will pay for some cloud computing service and 30% percent will pay for cloud computing infrastructure. Gartner, 2010.

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