Hot Tin Roof founder named Vice Chair of CIPR Scotland

Chirene Campbell

Chirene Campbell

Driving critical conversations about AI in PR

Our very own Sarah Lee, founder and managing director here at Hot Tin Roof has been named Vice Chair of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in Scotland.  This leadership role recognises Sarah’s wealth of expertise in public relations and her longstanding commitment to supporting the communications industry in Scotland and across the UK.


Here’s what she had to say:


“I am hugely proud to have this opportunity to represent CIPR, the UK’s professional body for public relations practitioners, in Scotland.

“PR plays a vital part in driving economic growth and enabling organisations to communicate effectively while managing stakeholder relationships. For over 60 years, CIPR Scotland has spearheaded progress in the industry by championing high standards, sharing invaluable insights, educating its members and bringing together the brightest PR talent.

“The PR sector contributes over £14 billion annually to the UK economy and offers careers to more than 95,000 professionals. As Vice Chair of CIPR Scotland, I want to raise awareness of how ethical and strategic PR is critical to organisational growth, brand building and impactful communications, particularly during this time when AI is rapidly changing the industry.

We have an obligation to carefully consider how these powerful technologies are integrated and ensure they are done so responsibly, transparently and with strong ethical guidelines in place. 

I believe the PR sector can leverage AI to analyse data, optimise campaigns and free practitioners to focus more on creativity and strategy – but only if we have honest discussions about the risks, create robust policies to mitigate bias and misinformation and keep the public interest at the heart of our AI adoption.  

This will require collaboration and vigilance across the industry.  But I’m confident that with thoughtful leadership, we can harness AI to elevate PR while upholding our professional principles.

My role at CIPR will be to spur this important conversation and help the industry realise the full potential of AI, the right way.

At Hot Tin Roof, our entire team is passionate about strategic communications and are committed to growing the industry.  Both our Deputy Managing Director Annie Diamond and Account Manager Chirene Campbell will continue to serve on the CIPR Scotland committee. 

As an award-winning consultancy with over two decades of experience, Hot Tin Roof takes our responsibility in the PR profession very seriously. We’re looking forward to helping Sarah and CIPR Scotland to champion this dynamic industry. 

Stay tuned for more updates!

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