HTR’s Highlights of the Year

2019 has been a busy one at HTR HQ. We’ve scribed countless articles, chatted to many journalists, turned the final page of several notebooks, and finished one too many packs of delicious Co-op salt and vinegar crisps…

With a New Year, and new decade, right around the corner, we thought we’d take a moment to look back at our highlights of the year, from our favourite office treat to stand-out client triumphs.

The launch of our shiny new website

A mad rush in late December paved the way for the launch of our brand new website in early January. The fresh, streamlined look we went for means we can now communicate our message and brand more effectively to our target audience.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but we’d say our website is as punchy as our PR.

Client successes

2019’s been a great year for our clients, old and new. We’re proud of the work the whole team has put into this year’s campaigns and the fantastic results that have been achieved.

At HTR, we’re lucky to work with some of the most innovative tech companies in Scotland, whose incredible work gives us a running start when putting stories out there…

It’s been difficult to choose, but here are our top client success stories of the year:

  • We launched the Cutitronics prototype, incredible skin-scanning technology that is set to revolutionise the beauty industry by helping consumers to make the most of their skincare regime
  • SnapDragon has been a trusty client of ours for a few years now, and it’s been a pleasure to watch their team grow over the last 12 months. Just recently, we announced they had made a whopping 21 new hires in the past year, including Paul Chung to Head of Brand protection.
  • Cathcart Associates celebrated their ten-year anniversary this year, so we helped them celebrate with some media fireworks, featuring the #cavaoncathcart campaign which went down a treat with journalists.
  • Boundary is on track to shake up the home security market for good with its smart home intruder alarm. This year, we were delighted to assist in the launch of their Kickstarter campaign, which saw them reach their £50K target in less than 48 hours!
  • It’s been great helping Equity Gap promote their portfolio of innovative tech companies. From helping support ‘eyes in the sky’ medical emergency tech from MIME Technology to Spoonfed’s ordering system for caterers and restaurants, we’ve announced a whole array of Equity Gap’s impressive investments this year.
  • Smarter Grid Solutions came onto the books in January 2019 and we couldn’t be happier. We have enjoyed every minute of this international campaign which has seen SGS feature in the press over 670 times across media in the UK, Europe and US.
  • Logan Energy was another new client to join us this year. The hydrogen tech specialists called on us to announce their involvement in SEAFUEL, a project that aims to turns seawater into hydrogen fuel for transport. Cool, right? We were delighted to secure numerous hits for this story, including a drivetime interview on BBC Radio Scotland.
  • We began a campaign for technology provider AbacusNext, the parent company of HotDocs, the Edinburgh-based document automation firm. We kicked off in August, announcing HotDocs’ crucial deal with the Singapore government.
  • SalesAgility is the latest to call on us cats for some PR support. Just recently, we announced the firm’s milestone 10 year anniversary, securing a fantastic interview with BBC Good Morning Scotland.
  • Autonomous drones hit the global TV, radio and online headlines as we introduced the world to the work of ORCA Hub, a multimillion-pound programme aiming to realise the vision for a completely autonomous offshore energy field
  • When chef and author Sue Lawrence opened Viewpoint’s new kitchen at its St Raphael’s site, we made sure the media were informed. Catering to the complex dietary requirements of residents, our work emphasised Viewpoint’s commitment to cooking delicious, nutritious and well-presented meals for St Raphael’s 100 residents.
  • We’ve just kicked off a campaign for Kenoteq, a clean tech company specialising in building products. From government consultations to an appearance on BBC’s The One Show, 2020 is set to be a big year for this circular economy exemplar business.

Our fabulous new arrivals and fearless returners

Since the start of the year we’ve had several new cats join the HTR team, bringing new energy and ideas to our campaigns and of course, new mugs to the tea cupboard.

Here’s 2019’s newbies and returnees:

Back from maternity leave and back into our hearts, Account Manager Jane Lynchehaun returned at the start of the year to remind us all how to pitch perfect and lunch with a laugh.

Senior Account Executive Jasmine has been bringing class, sass and savvy social media to the office since May 2019, keeping spirits up and stress levels low.

Much-loved HTR veteran Account Manager Jen Richards returned from maternity leave to grace us once more with her impressive PR chops and serene attitude. Got a question? Ask Jen.

And finally we welcomed our new Director, Annie Diamond, to the team, equipped with mountains of experience, unbreakable cheerfulness and generous supplies of much-appreciated coffee.

Ben’s Cookies (They’re not Ben’s, they’re mine)

With big stories, new clients and some well-coordinated team expansion we’ve had a lot on our plates this year. Luckily, those plates have also featured a few of Ben’s Cookies. A cookie and a cuppa has been the No.1 HTR office treat of 2019 (unless we are in the savoury mood, then it’s Co-ops Salt and Vinegar crisps!)

Alfie, always

Top dog Alfie may not be new, but he remains a highlight. Each time he’s popped in for a hard day’s work, he inspires everyone with his wisened look. Alfie is the star of the office when he’s in, wagging his tail as he gleefully joins #teamcat for the day.

Jane’s got a babysitter

On a classic HTR night out our team – named after the babysitter booking that made it possible – had a great time, if not a great result. A week of high-spirited anticipation of pub quiz glory ended in a night of hearty laughs, and the coveted podium position of last place. Perhaps we should have spent more time studying and less time debating our team name… Fingers crossed Jane will get a babysitter once more and we’ll redeem ourselves.

The Circle of PR Life

What better way to wrap up 2019 than for the PR cats to meet the big cats at The Lion King? A Christmas celebration that started with tapas ended with roars (and maybe a few tears) as Simba was returned to the pride in an incredible production at Edinburgh’s Playhouse.

PR tips we gleaned from the big cats of the savanna: 

  1. Be Prepared
  2. Hakuna Matata when things aren’t going to plan
  3. The ability to fight another day Lives in You
  4. When in doubt, turn to your team. That’s the Circle of PR Life

It’s been a fantastic year at Hot Tin Roof, filled with great stories – in the news and the office. Here’s to the New Year, new decade and new 2020 adventures!

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