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Tin It Or Bin It – 4 August 2011- Internet Addict?

Have you ever stopped to wonder how long you actually spend on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube? Or is it simply too scary to think about?

Well for those who are curious (like us), there is now a new browser plug-in called Voyurl that will tell you how many hours you actually spend browsing online.

Users who install it get a detailed description of how they use the web, which is updated in real time. This includes how much time you spend browsing, the sites you spend the most time on and your browsing patterns. Additionally you can compare your behavior to the average user to see where you fit in.

Voyurl also produces a complete list of what sites you visit and how you behave on them. Detailed factors like scrolling and mouse hovering are taken into account.

Voyurl is currently in private beta but there is a section on the site that allows you to click to ‘get a beta invite’.

So TIN IT or or BIN IT?

This is a TIN IT for those who are brave enough to confront their browsing habits. However for those who are freaked out by the concept, this would most likely be a BIN IT.

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