JCI Edinburgh Social Media Academy Facebook workshop tonight

Digital communications agency CIVIC is to share the secrets of using Facebook for business in a seminar for the JCI Edinburgh Social Media Academy tonight.

Darcie Tanner, CIVIC’s “Digital Media Geek”, will teach her audience how to get the most of the popular social networking site through advertising, fan pages and the “like function”. She will lead discussion on the business benefits of Facebook and will be joined by speakers from Illegal Jack’s South West Grill and Greener Leith.

Darcie says: “There is too much at stake for businesses to ignore digital media, especially since the key social networking sites are free to use. It is an incredibly accessible and flexible tool so it should be a part of any marketing strategy, even if it is simply a supplement to traditional methods.”

Sponsored by CIVIC, the academy brings together the cream of Edinburgh’s digital media talent to share their wisdom over seven teaching sessions. It is a volunteer project coordinated by the Edinburgh branch of Junior Chamber International and aims to get its members to start using social media effectively in their businesses and social lives.

Participants will be encouraged to practice using all of their new skills to promote a business throughout the duration of the course. At the end of the block, CIVIC will present an iPad to the person who has generated the most activity for their chosen organisation.

Jonathan Melville, CIVIC’s video expert, will lead a session on the use of YouTube and AudioBoo on Thursday 7 October.

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