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Tin It Or Bin It – 6 July 2012 – London – A City Through Time

With the start of the Olympic Games fast approaching, the spotlight is shining firmly on London. But there’s far more to our glorious capital than the events of 2012.

Here to enlighten us is Heuristic Media’s new iPad app, London – A City Through Time, which was released this week, and brings to life nearly 2,000 years in the life of the city.

Whether you’re interested in people, buildings or events, this app has got it all and in every media. There are over 6000 articles on everything from museums to rivers, and more than 2000 rare prints and photographs. And with audio tours and 35 Pathé video clips of iconic London moments, this app is an informative and visual extravaganza at your fingertips.

Brighten up a commute with the History on the Tube section, which provides entries for each station you pass through. Or, to compliment a visit to the tourist hot spots, you could check out the 360º views of the best sites. The Browse on Map feature allows you to zoom in and out of a Google Map, tapping on article icons.

And, while all this content could seem overwhelming, it’s linked together with a synchronised timeline. We can swipe through by century, period, monarch or even individual year, with thumbnails popping up for particular articles or historical events helping us navigate the depths of London’s history.

Although it’s a rather pricey £9.99 and is currently only available for iPad, there is a wealth of content to keep locals and tourists alike informed and entertained. So, London – A City Through Time is a Tin It!

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