miiCard invited to speak at FinovateFall after success at European conference

miiCard, developers of a revolutionary digital passport, have been invited to attend FinavateFall 2011, the high profile banking technology conference, after a highly successful visit to FinovateEurope earlier this year. miiCard CEO James Varga has been asked to speak at the prestigious event, which will be held in New York later this month.

miiCard, which last year signed a strategic development and distribution relationship with Yodlee, the leading provider of online and mobile personal finance management (PFM) solutions, is set to launch in beta before the 2011 Christmas retail season. The product aims to fight internet fraud and protect the consumer by finally solving the issue of trust online. From buying a sofa or selling a bike, to finding a flatmate or applying for a new credit card through the Internet, miiCard allows the individual to prove ‘I am who I say I am’ and create trust when transacting online.

FinovateFall provides a showcase for the most innovative new financial technology products and ideas. The selection process to be accepted is exceptionally competitive and miiCard will appear alongside some of Europe’s most exciting emerging technologies. FinovateFall will provide a powerful platform for miiCard to reach new customers, as well as to form strategic partnerships.

James Varga is looking forward to the conference: “The Finovate events bring together the sharpest minds in financial technology– we thoroughly enjoyed FinovateEurope and it’s a great honour for us to be invited to FinovateFall. The timing is perfect for us at miiCard – the online commerce world is desperate for a solution to the problem of trust – and we’re here to provide the answer.”
miiCard aims to change the way we transact online, by providing a system where proof of identity can be validated entirely online and in real-time. miiCard will make online transactions easier, faster and safer.

Owned and managed by the individual, miiCard allows the consumer to track, monitor and so take control of their online identity for the first time. miiCard costs the consumer just £1 a month and is charged to the vendor on a transactional basis.

For more information please contact: Lauren Cormack.

About miiCard

miiCard is a revolutionary “digital passport”, powered by Yodlee, that enables users to prove their identity online for the first time to the same level of authority as a driving licence or passport would do offline. By creating trust in an environment characterised by anonymity and transient identities, miiCard will open up opportunities for business online and put internet users back in control of their personal information.

The inability easily to authenticate a user’s identity online has long posed a significant barrier to trade. Between 70% and 90% of all online financial transactions are terminated when the customer is required to provide physical proof of identity so it is imperative that businesses find a solution.

miiCard is designed to support ecommerce and eradicate this problem by enabling customers to complete complex transactions online without supplying further proof of ID.
For businesses selling online to consumers, miiCard improves conversion rates, cuts operational cost and fights internet fraud.
miiCard also benefits users and vendors by creating trust between parties in a purely online environment, increasing convenience, consistency and simplicity of shopping online, speeding up transactions, reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction and easing regulatory compliance.

James Varga – Founder and CEO

James is a Canadian entrepreneur with over 15 years of innovative technology and internet marketing solutions. In recent years, he has focused on developing Rich Internet Applications and User Experiences for global audiences. James has worked with leading brands in a range of sectors including Winterthur Life, Centrica Business Services, Thomas Cook and Sky Sports.

Stuart Fraser – CTO

Stuart is one of Scotland’s leading digital security experts. Co-founder of specialist IT security consultancy DNS, recently sold to SecureWorks, Stuart’s early career began in the energy sector working for Conoco, BP and Scottish Power.

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