miiCard signs sales development agreement with Simbiottik

miiCard, a purely online digital passport service, has agreed a partnership deal for global sales and channel development with Simbiottik, a UK-based technology marketing company.

Under the agreement, Simbiottik will develop a channel partner network to promote miiCard – a unique digital passport for the consumer that proves “I am who I say I am” in real time, for the first time to Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer Regulations and the Proceeds of Crime Act standards.

Owned and managed by the individual, miiCard allows the consumer to track, monitor and so take control of their online identity for the first time. miiCard costs the consumer just £1 a month and is charged to the vendor on a transactional basis.

miiCard is keen to reach clients around the world, and needs a strong partner network to reach potential clients. Simbiottik specialises in channel development, and ongoing management of the channel relationship, for technology companies and will boost miiCard’s profile internationally.

“Simbiottik will help us quickly scale our partner network to reach the right clients for miiCard – their connections will get us into markets across the world,” says James Varga, CEO of miiCard.

“miiCard has a powerful product that will transform online commerce and financial services, and we know we can help reach its potential,” according to James Donaldson, founder and CEO of Simbiottik. “We are extremely enthusiastic about this partnership to promote miiCard.”

For more information contact: Sarah Lee.

About miiCard

miiCard is a revolutionary “digital passport”, powered by Yodlee, that enables users to prove their identity online for the first time to the same level of authority as a driving licence or passport would do offline. By creating trust in an environment characterised by anonymity and transient identities, miiCard will open up opportunities for business online and put internet users back in control of their personal information.

The inability easily to authenticate a user’s identity online has long been a significant problem. Between 70% and 90% of all online financial transactions are terminated when the customer is required to provide physical proof of identity so it is imperative that businesses find a solution.

miiCard is designed to support ecommerce and eradicate this problem by enabling customers to complete complex transactions online without supplying further proof of ID.

For businesses selling online to consumers, miiCard improves conversion rates, cuts operational cost and fights internet fraud.
miiCard also benefits users and vendors by creating trust between parties in a purely online environment, increasing convenience, consistency and simplicity of shopping online, speeding up transactions, reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction and easing regulatory compliance.

About Simbiottik

Simbiottik is about “Promoting Technology, Globally”. With offices in the UK and North America, Simbiottik is ideally placed to make lasting and profitable connections between business-sector software developers and value-added resellers to drive revenues and profits for both parties. Simbiottik’s service however, goes far beyond a simple matching service. Simbiottik’s teams in Europe and North America include experienced and innovative channel and business development managers who are dedicated to ensuring that both developers and resellers achieve the full potential from the relationship. Our teams pro-actively manage channel relationships. www.simbiottik.com

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