miiCard’s Marvellous Winter Warmer

an’t say a big enough thank you to miiCard on two counts!

Been sitting here with headache, dehydrated….  it’s that time of year.  Knock at the door, stressed out postman (it’s that time of year…) hands over a cute little package with my name on it.

Open box and the whiff of Christmas explodes into the air.  It’s time to smile.  Packaging hay – nativity – I can feel a Christmas glow coming on. Tea and biscuits.  But this is not just any old tea and biscuits. This is miiCard tea and biscuits.  Oozing spicy nutmeg and cinnamon.  My day just got a whole lot better and one giant step closer to Christmas cheer.

The second thank you?  Only miiCard could verify the real Santa …

Real identity verified by miiCard

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