My First (Half) Week at Hot Tin Roof

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Everything new can be a little bit terrifying at first. Your first day at school, first time away from home, a lot of firsts are daunting because of the fear of the unknown.

Learning to swim (which I have yet to get round to), learning a new language (which I’ve only ever semi-successfully managed), attempting to learn anything new can also be scary and overwhelming from the word go.

Starting a new job can be especially nerve-wracking. You dive headfirst into a new environment, one that has been functioning perfectly fine for years before you arrived, and immediately attempt to learn new information for days on end.

Naturally, you begin second-guessing yourself about this and wondering if you should already have known that – everything new and exciting is also slightly unfamiliar and scary, until it isn’t.

My first week at Hot Tin Roof began on a Wednesday, having started that Monday working my final shift as an online banking agent at a call centre. I couldn’t feel my masters degree in Journalism being put to much use working for the bank, as such I was thrilled to finally start work somewhere I actually wanted to be.

Though I had already met everybody in the office at least once during my interview process, we all gathered in the boardroom first thing Wednesday so that each person could introduce themselves and their role. This quick refresher of names saved me any potential embarrassment on that front (a painful memory I still have is of a previous job where I desperately avoided using my managers name for months on end because I had forgotten it, and 18-year old me was far too awkward to ask).

It was heartwarming as well to see that Alfie the Dog was delighted to see me again when I arrived (although I’ve since realised that he’s delighted to see everybody always, because he’s a good boy).

A photo I stole when nobody was looking

We went through my roles and responsibilities, I familiarised myself with the systems and our clients and everything seemed a bit overwhelming in the beginning. Lots of clients, countless publications and oh so many systems and processes to grow accustomed to = masses of potential stress and anxiety if left to swell uninterrupted.

However, despite being almost constantly busy and staffed with hardworking and very motivated people, I’ve found that Hot Tin Roof is also an open, relaxed and friendly work environment (with a good dog, too) where I’ve felt encouraged to ask questions and have been comfortable and willing to do so from the start.

As the days have gone by, I’ve begun to take on more work and further responsibilities, and everything has been getting a little less daunting and a little less terrifying all the time.

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