PR – The language of love?

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
We love a good PR stunt,
And we know you do too!

The most romantic day of the year is upon us … Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect excuse to spoil our loved ones, whether it’s with a romantic, aphrodisiac-filled meal, a cute, fluffy teddy bear or (our personal favourite) some bubbly and super fancy chocolates.

Love it or loathe it, brands across the world go wild for it. It’s become the ultimate time to launch a quirky PR campaign. We do love a good old PR stunt so as our Valentine’s Day gift to you, here’s four of our favourites …

Dinner is on Greggs …

If you are a lover of steak bakes, cheese and onion pasties and legendary sausage rolls then this one is for you.

For Valentine’s Day 2018, our favourite high-street baker is laying on a slap up (or should we say “romantic”?) four course meal, complete with doughnuts for pudding and Valentine’s Day bubbles – all for a very respectable £15 per person.

Where is this fantastic feast taking place, you may wonder? Well at several of Greggs’ high-street stores, of course. Think mood lighting, candles and roses … Genius!

… The oysters are on Morrisons

Remember that romantic, aphrodisiac-filled meal I mentioned? Well this is it!

In 2017, Morrisons chose to mark the most romantic day in the calendar with … oysters. That’s right, this often-expensive shellfish was available at stores up and down the country for a jaw-dropping 25p.

The inspired idea by the popular supermarket chain came after a survey revealed that only 40 per cent of people in the UK had eaten an oyster.

So, in a bid to get the UK eating more of this shellfish delicacy, they decided to chop down the prices and host ‘oyster shucking’ classes at over 200 stores nationwide. Brilliant!


This one is from our favourite budget airline, EasyJet, who are encouraging passengers to spread the love this Valentine’s through poems on the back of sick bags (sounds romantic, right?)

Yes, you read correctly. Passengers could be in with a chance of winning free airline tickets this Valentine’s if they can pen the ultimate love letter onto the back of a sick bag and share on social media using the hashtag #LoveSickSonnets.

Inspiration for this idea came after a trend of passengers were found writing notes of kindness and love on the back of sick bags for others to find. EasyJet loved it so much they chose to make it the centre of their Valentine’s campaign this year.

New perfume, anyone?

Perfume is a typical Valentine’s Day gift for most of us out there. And this year, Kim Kardashian’s ‘haters’ were no exception.

The reality TV star cleverly coincided her new perfume launch with the most romantic day of the year, albeit with a rather brazen approach.

Kim’s social media following went wild after she shared a list of her lovers and haters, claiming that they were all going to be the lucky recipients of a special Valentine’s box.

What was in the box? Kim Kardashian’s new perfumes, of course!

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