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Tin It Or Bin It – 12 August 2011 – Question Time

Today we have been looking into a new startup called, which is a useful app to help you find the most suitable people in your network to answer a specific question.

It beats going on Twitter or Facebook with an open ended question, which doesn’t usually generate a good response (they are best for broadcasting and sharing). Instead, narrows the search down and looks at the public activity of your social media contacts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

When you search for a select word or phrase, the web app looks for people who have mentioned that exact term. It also allows you to search for people who have talked about that term or even worked at a particular business. To make things easy for you so you’re not faffing about, once you’ve located the appropriate contacts you can message them all in one go, and even better…they don’t have to be on

This app, which went live in private-beta a month and a half ago, is not a unique concept. There are a few similar applications out there like this, but takes a different approach – it gives you a list of potential contacts for a specific topic rather than just solely helping to answer your question.

It went live in private-beta a month and a half ago, so only time will tell if this takes off. It does look very promising though.


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