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Tin It Or Bin It – Friday 22 April 2011 – Secret Obsessions

Ever wanted to know what music your friends are really listening to? Well now there is a brand new app called Songasauraus which will let you do just that. We at Hot Tin Roof are an inquisitive bunch so when we heard about this app we thought it held some appeal.

It was launched by .net/SharePoint developer Kaveh Azari last week and it lets you check out other user’s music collections. Don’t worry though…all those people who secretly listen to Britney Spears or the Spice Girls do have the option to share their embarrassing listening info. Phew.

Once you are connected you can see what songs people in your network have listened to recently, what songs you have in common with friends and how many times they have listened to that song. You also have the option of buying any of the songs listed via ITunes, so it helps you to expand your music collection, which can only be a good thing, right? Songasaurus has managed to make something that’s sometimes very solitary, the act of listening to music on your iPhone, completely social.

Like any app however, it does have its downsides. Just now it is only available on the i-Phone which ignores a large market of Android users. Fingers crossed that this will soon be sorted.

All in all however Songasauraus sounds great but it poses the question…how much do we really want to know about the actual listening habits of our friends?


We say TIN IT. Its a very simple, fun concept and will satisfy people’s curiosity (perhaps a little too much though if you discover your best friend or boyfriend is actually a closet Westlife fan. Yikes!)

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