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Tin It Or Bin It – Friday 3 June 2011 – Shnap Happy

It’s officially the start of the summer and so this week Hot Tin Roof have been looking at a fun new app to help you jazz up all your holiday photos and let you rate other user’s images or ‘Shnaps’.

Shnap is a free iPhone app that has been described by Mashable as ‘Instagram meets Hot or Not’. You upload your own photos (which have been stylized with effects and filtering) and rate other users’ photos using the rating system: ‘Lol, Meh, WTF, Cool or Wow.’ As a heads up it can become very addictive!

The bottom line is that if you love taking pictures and you like social media you’re really going to love this app. It takes away the passivity of browsing photos and encourages you to rate them in a competitive fashion.

TIN IT OR BIN IT? This app keeps us ‘shnapping’ all day long so it’s a Tin IT.

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