So, what brings you to Edinburgh? HTR intern Andrew Raffan on his summer so far

“Coming from the sticks” sounds like a cute and endearing term to most people who spent their childhood swinging from street to street in the urban jungle of ‘Downtown’; those who believe that The Meadows in Edinburgh really depict a meadow – street lights and all. But not this guy – for I was not blessed with the bright lights of a capital city during my early years, I have been lucky enough to find my school of life located in a suburb of Aberdeen.

But the big city lights drew me in. Having packed my bags and said my goodbyes at the platform, National Express took me to my summer home, Edinburgh. And I’ve not looked back.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a morning walk to Hot Tin Roof HQ that passes The Castle, takes you along Princes Street and finally across George Street with a view of the Forth? The opportunity to rub elbows with the up and coming business men and women of Edinburgh, converse with the editors of newspapers, and find yourself waist deep in the facts and figures of computing concepts that would blow your mind is excellent fun and never dull.

But maybe it’s the little bit of the teuchter (pronounced tju-ch-ter – word used mainly for Northern Scots) in me that has enjoyed the peace and quiet of walking up Calton Hill, standing on the National Monument and looking over the city the most this summer.

Saying that, I prefer it to Arthur’s Seat because once you walk down the tarred path, there’s an adjacent bus stop. Maybe this city bug is getting to me…

Anyway, now it’s time to forge on with my latest projects, before grabbing a coffee on the way home.

Until next time, Edinburgh.

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