SocialBro Discovers Value Of Retweets For Advertisers

s Twitter advertising revenues continue to increase, brands are demanding more information about the users who retweet and engage with their updates, says SocialBro, the Twitter analytics and management platform.

According to SocialBro’s CEO and co-founder, Javier Burón, brands that invest in sponsored tweets believe that in-depth insights are the key to achieving return on investment.

He says: “Social advertising needs to be strategic and brands are telling us that they want to be able to follow up with the users who show interest in their paid-for campaigns. They want the sponsored tweet to be the first step to building a long last relationship with new followers and they want to be able to track users who retweet them. It is almost impossible to do that manually but our new tool, Discover Retweeters, answers that problem.”

Launching today, Discover Retweeters enables Twitter marketers to identify and target users that have retweeted any chosen tweet. SocialBro developed the tool in response to demand from its customers, a growing list of well-known brands includes Coca Cola and T-Mobile.

Discover Retweeters is designed to help agencies and in-house teams to provide insight about retweets and develop unique campaigns to target retweeters. The feature will also benefit any organisation with a high profile and lots of public interest that will result in vast numbers of retweets such as sports teams and news outlets.

Burón adds: “For businesses using Twitter, the overall reach of each tweet is more important as an indicator of success than total number of followers. Businesses should track how often individual updates are re-tweeted in order to gauge what is important to their followers and what kind of content is most popular.”

Launched in 2011, SocialBro is an advanced cloud solution for the management and analysis of Twitter communities. It enables Twitter for businesses, helping companies to better engage with their audience and increase their communities’ growth qualitatively.

Retweet this:

• While US President Barack Obama has almost four times as many followers as Pope Francis, Obama’s tweets are re-tweeted on 2300 times while the latter’s Spanish-language updates are re-tweeted an average of 11,100 times.
• In February 2014, a school teacher from Ontario enjoyed 15 minutes of fame after one of his tweets, designed to teach his class about internet safety, was retweeted more than 89,000 times to reach 140 million users.
• An all-star selfie posted by Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars in March 2014 became the most retweeted photograph of all time, was shared by more than 3.4 million users.

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