Top Cat Takes On Total Warrior Challenge

Usually preferring a black and white movie marathon to the sporting variety, Hot Tin Roof director Sarah Lee is braving mud, freezing plunge-pools and flames to compete in The Total Warrior Challenge for charity this September.

Sarah has joined a team from the West Lothian Chamber of Commerce, led by Chief Executive Linda Scott, to complete the 12 km all-terrain extreme obstacle course which features punishing obstacles such as Shocker, an electrifying dash through hundreds of hanging live wires. Their goal is to raise £2,000 for the No Limits Sports Club, a charity which provides a positive and encouraging environment for children and young adults who experience disabilities and feel restricted to due lack of sporting facilities.

With two weeks to go to the competition, we ask Sarah how she’s doing…

Hi Sarah. How are you feeling about Total Warrior?

I’m looking forward to the challenge. It will be tough, but I’ve previously done BMF training and I prefer exercising outdoors in the elements as the gym bores me senseless. I’m just going to try and enjoy it as much as I can. I decided I didn’t want to worry about what’s in store, however, so I’ve not actually looked to see what’s involved!

I hope nothing will be too ‘shocking’ for you! How have you been preparing?

My teammates and I have been attending bootcamp style training classes. These are run by soldiers who have put us through our paces using circuit training, timed runs and heavy lifting activities; I’ve been flipping tractor tires! It’s been challenging training around my busy work schedule, so I’ve done additional workouts in my free time. As I don’t know exactly what to expect I need to make sure I’m prepared for anything!

How did you get involved?

I’ve worked with Linda and the WLCC, so I was aware of No Limits and their amazing work. I was delighted when Linda approached me to see if I would like to be involved. It’s incredibly motivating knowing we’ve made this commitment to such a fantastic charity. Personally I was excited to take on the challenge and have a new fitness goal.

When you’re not completing extreme obstacle courses, how do you normally spend your free time?

I have recently discovered how rewarding gardening can be. There is something very satisfying about the cyclical nature of tending to your garden. My life is usually very fast paced, so it’s exciting to have to wait until spring to discover if my hard work has been rewarded! I also love to forage through car-boot sales and charity shops to find vintage items for my home, as I’m really interested in design. When I really need to relax I adore watching old black and white movies. I could watch them for hours; it’s like being with old friends.

Thanks Sarah, and good luck! If you would like to help Sarah and the Chamber Warriors support the No Limits Sports Club you can do so HERE

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