Use Facebook Friends to Help You Find a Job

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Tin It Or Bin It – 3 February 2012 – Use Facebook friends to help you find a job

It’s Friday again already, which means its time for your weekly social media rundown. This week we are looking at career website and community Glassdoor, who have just announced the launch of Inside Connections. The new feature enables job seekers to discover if they know someone at a company where they want to work and provides inside information on the company.

Users can sign into Glassdoor using Facebook Connect and search through 150,000 companies. If they are interested in a specific organisation they can find out which connections, within their Facebook ‘friends’, and ‘friends of friends’, is a current employee or has worked there previously.

Inside Connections enables its users to browse information such as job listings, salary details, interview questions and anonymous reviews, which means they get the inside scoop on what its actually like to work at specific companies, before they sign on the dotted line.

Glassdoor’s new service does sound pretty useful but does it stand a chance against professional networks such as LinkedIn? The team at HTR think so.

LinkedIn is great for making professional connections but linking up through Facebook has much more of an informal and unofficial touch, particularly when you are just starting your career and trying to get your foot in the door. The people you interact with on Facebook know you better and are interested in your personal development. It’s your friends and family that will do what they can to get you started. We think that it’s a great service and we think that it could change the way young people find jobs in the future. In light of the current high unemployment figures at the moment, anything that can help people find work can only be a good thing.

Glassdoor’s Inside Connections is a Tin It.

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