Why we love Edinburgh!

With Edinburgh recently being named the best place in the UK for tech, we thought we’d check in with the Hot Tin Roof cats and get the lowdown on what else the city’s great for.

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Among the many great things to love about Edinburgh, its various cafés that come in all shapes and sizes could well be my favourite.

Cut through the swathe of Starbucks and Prets, Caffe Neros and Costas that saturate the city, and there’s a wealth of cosy, independent coffee spots to be found instead.

Ideal locations for anything from catching up with friends, getting a bit of work or study done, or even just sitting in for a few hours to read a good book.

Although perhaps London might have Auld Reekie beat right now for it’s sheer number of hip, urban venues per square mile, Edinburgh’s cafés (like most other things) come minus those exorbitant London prices.

From Lovecrumbs to Wellington, Eden Locke to The Hideout, there’s plenty to be found if you know where to look.


For a city with a population of less than 500,000 people, Edinburgh punches far above its weight for eateries. From Michelin star dining, to casual family restaurants, you can find food to suit every tastebud.

Despite the influx of chain restaurants to the capital (exceptions being Dishoom and Hawksmoor) you can find a plethora of independent restaurants such as Civerinos, Ondine, The Outsider (tip: sit at the back to get views of Edinburgh Castle) in the Old Town. Move across to the slightly newer New Town and you’ll find, El Cartel, Chez Jules, Rollo and The Dogs (not actually on the menu)

Of course, there is also Leith and the cool places on the way down Leith Walk: Serrano Manchego, Oregano , Bodega before you hit the Shore. Don’t forget, Chop House. At the Shore you’ll find The Kitchin and Martin Wishart mixed in with Finn & Bear, The Kings Wark and The Ship on the Shore.

There are too many good places to name here, but whatever you do, don’t believe TripAdvisor for Edinburgh recommendations.



There’s been quite a bit of negative press about Edinburgh’s music scene and particularly the council’s aversion to live music (see the recent reaction to the open air music a Summerhall for example) BUT the scene is thriving.

There are many great small places doing live local music and it is possible to go to a gig every night if you really wanted. There are venues catering for all tastes – Bannermans, the Brig Below, the Banshee’s Labyrinth, Sneaky Pete’s and Stramash are just the tip of the iceberg. The aforementioned Summerhall is host to some great music events including bigger acts from all over the world and check out the amazing line up of events coming to the Leith Theatre as part of the Light on the Shore event – we already have tickets for some of this one!

Auld Reekie also boasts a number of collectives who promote events and bands from near and far – Neu! Reekie and the Open Door for example. We have a few local record labels dotted about, check out Athens of the North and Triassic Tusk for starters.

Our DJing and clubbing scene is second to none with several world-class nights and spinners in the city. Again all tastes are catered for, from post-punk and new wave at bETAMAX, 60’s grooves at the Go-Go and the Egg, numerous house and EDM nights and (apologies but I have to get my own night in here) the all original vinyl, cross genre dance party that is Eclectic Mud.

Don’t believe what you hear – there’s so much going on. In the words of the godfather of soul – get up, get into it, get involved!


One of the things I love the most about Edinburgh is the abundance of green space that it has. When the sun is shining (a rare occurrence here!) we are quite literally spoilt for choice. From the famous Princes Street Gardens in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, to the stunning views guaranteed at the top of Arthur’s Seat (if you can make it, that is) Edinburgh is, in my eyes, the best place for luscious green space. Long may this heatwave continue!


As a ‘Weegie’ new to Edinburgh I’m not familiar with any of the hidden gems that the other cats have mentioned, but I can attest to the city having some spectacular tourist attractions.

Edinburgh Castle is an obvious must-visit and offers lots to do. Whether you want to spend the day learning more about historical artefacts like the Stone of Destiny and The Scottish Crown Jewels or prefer taking in the views of Edinburgh from up high it’s a great day out for everyone.

The Edinburgh Zoo is also top-notch, make sure to visit penguin rock and grab yourself a good spot for the penguin parade. Swing by the giant panda exhibit too, you might just catch a glimpse of Tian Tian and Yang Guang, the UK’s only giant pandas!

If you prefer being indoors, or rather underground, then I’d highly recommended The Edinburgh Dungeon. Their latest show— Braveheart’s Revenge— has just opened and adds to the terrifying spooks already on offer, look out for Hangman’s Drop!

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