Data Centre Power Efficiency Critical To Scotland’s Economic Future

Half-day seminar in Edinburgh will focus on ‘future-proofing’ Scottish data centres against risingenergy costs and power outages.

Rising energy costs and the increasing prospect of regular power outages pose major threats to thehealth of Scotland’s data centres, including those of critical public sector organisations, according tothe organisers of Data Centre Scotland 2013.

A half-day seminar in Edinburgh on 6 March, the event will draw together Scotland’s data centreprofessionals for a series of keynote presentations and breakout sessions focused on providingstrategic insight and practical advice on how to make data centres of all sizes energy efficient.

Hosted by RMD Power and Cooling in partnership with ScotlandIS and APC by Schneider Electric, theseminar will provide expertise on how to create a 21st century data centre that is legally compliant,cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Gavin Maxwell, MD, RMD Power and Cooling, says: “As modern life becomes ever more dependenton data centres, energy consumption has become an increasingly important economic, social andpolitical issue for data centre professionals.”
“Powering the data centre has also become an environmental and corporate responsibility issue: Inrecent months alone, Microsoft has committed to go carbon neutral at its data centres, Facebookhas announced that it will only use renewable energy when building new data centres and Googlehas also pledged to move away from coal powered data centres.”

“Set against a backdrop of rising energy prices and the increasing prospect of regular power outagesin the future, it’s clear that those managing data centres in Scotland are facing a number of majorbusiness challenges. This event explores practical ways to reduce your carbon footprint whiledecreasing operating costs and securing your business critical systems.”

Keynote speakers include Chris Ingle of IDC, who’ll outline winning strategies for the data centre in2013 and beyond, and Phil Worms of Iomart, who’ll offer his first-hand perspective on the realityof data centres ‘going green’. Other speakers include Adeel Amin of RMD Power and Cooling,who’ll offer advice on optimising availability, capacity and energy efficiency through infrastructuremanagement, and Dushyantha Goonawardhane of APC by Schneider Electric, who’ll present on howto maximise data centre efficiency through the use of indirect evaporative cooling.

Data Centre Scotland 2013 takes place at the Apex Hotel, Grassmarket, Edinburgh, on Wednesday6th March 2013 (1:30pm – 7:00pm). Tickets cost £20 plus VAT for ScotlandIS members and £30 plusVAT for non members.

The seminar’s organisers and attendees will tweet about the event using the hashtag#DCScotland2013.

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