Facebook Cover Photo Trouble? There’s Now an App to Help You

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Tin It Or Bin It – 17 February 2012 – Facebook Cover Photo trouble? There’s now an App to help you

Last month we reported that Facebook’s Timeline will be eventually rolled out to all users.  We, like many others, have struggled to find a really cool, cute or clever cover photo to impress our online buddies. Also any pictures we did decide on didn’t quite fit the rectangular space allocated. So we were excited to hear that there is a free Android app available that saves you hassle by helping you choose a cover photo.

Facebook Timeline Covers:D33P (pronounced Deep) lets you input your own photos or lets you choose from its own gallery of cover art. There is a selection of over 50 cover art to choose from – zombies and dinosaurs can inspire a frightened profile picture for example. You can also take a photo right in the app, while previewing how it will look on your profile.

This app is a lot of fun and there is an option called “seamless mode” that takes a segment of the cover photo to become the profile picture, which means you have one quirky, seamless image.

Some of the new Cover Arts photos installed include special holidays such as Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Australia Day etc.

This app is currently free but will not stay that way for long so if you like the sound of it you should download it while you can. Facebook Timeline Covers:D33P is fun and does what it says on the tin. TIN IT.

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